Cloghleagh Castle, Co. Cork

Cloghleagh Castle, Fermoy, County Cork visited in June 1987. 
Cloghleagh is a dramatic tower house with a high north gable (wall turret). It has vaults over the first and third floors. Built on a rocky limestone outcrop. In 1788 the story was told that there was supposed to be an underground passage from the castle to the river Funshion.

There are two passages, reached by a spiral stairs, on top of each other in the north turret and on top of them reached by a ladder, is a smaller 2 storey turret.

On top of the south face, reached by the wall walk a single passage turret exists.

There appeared to be quite a lot of later stone work. In good condition. Query as to whether the front door was original or Victorian. Garderobe shute on north wall.

On the top floor on the south wall, 3 arches supported by pointed corbels, the central one having a pointed arch within. No crenellations. One small and later fireplace on top floor. Good slop sinks and good horizontal rectangular shot holes. Spiral stairs narrow and quite low in places.

On the second floor a small fireplace. Quite a lot of thick wooden doors were noted. One lying on the ground floor. Some with bolts, possibly Victorian. Evidence of being inhabited into relatively recent centuries. Some floor timbers on the first floor.

There appeared to be several entry doors. Large murder hole, good stone work and quite well maintained.