Kilcoe Castle, Co. Cork

Kilcoe Castle, County Cork visited in August 1986. Now beautifully restored by Jeremy Irons. 
A fifteenth century stronghold. A fine and impressive tower with interesting details. At the time it appeared to have two entrances, one above the other. There is a vault (in good condition) over the first floor with an attic space below that vault. The ground floor had one window an an aumbry. 
The steep mural stairs led from the first floor to the 2nd floor into the main room. No fireplaces. On the 2nd floor there were windows on all sides. The western one having window seats. Arcaded western wall. On the east wall of the second floor was a wide spanned arch supporting a mural passage to a garderobe, adjacent to the smaller attached tower. Access to this passage was via the mural stairs. 
A beautiful garderobe Shute, through which is the only access to prison chamber and to the lower floors of the smaller tower. 
Evidence of quality stone carving, remains of ogre pointed loop on east wall, but most of it had been removed. 
Two handsome stone heads guarded the outer side of the large window on the 2nd floor. They appeared to be grinning. 
There appeared to be no access to the wall walk. 
Castle aired on an island attached at the time to the mainland by a concrete bridge.