Kilnatoora Castle, Co. Cork

Kilnatoora Castle, County Cork visited in June 1987. Situated on a massive outcrop of rock in a wonderful location. The entrance was originally through a series of doors. 
Vaults over 1st and 3rd floors. Good vault over 1st floor with some original plaster. The vault over the 3rd floor has had the mortar washed out of it and there were two holes in it. Good spiral central newel on stairs. Straight mural stairs off the second floor leading to a garderobe, after squeezing past a later chimney. A very wide sloping slop shute at the entrance to the mural stairs on the second floor. 
An possible oven was observed on the second floor. Another garderobe at a higher level. The chambers on the south wall over the door had collapsed. 
Good stone work seen, lots of original plaster with some over the corbels on the 2nd floor. 
At the base of the stairs there was a loop with a shot hole directly underneath it.