Clondegoff/Cloondagough Castle, Co. Galway

Clondegoff or Cloondagough Castle, County Galway, in August 1987. 
A very romantic and unspoilt tower house on Cregg Point on Lough Derg. 
In 1987, it was owned by a lady who lived in London. My notes from 1987 state the following: 
There is a vault over the first floor, entrance on SW wall. Door surround gone. Straight mural stairs turn into a spiral. 1 mural passage on SW wall with 2 interesting shot holes. One other shot hole at first floor level. The second mural passage had garderobe. Two slop shutes. One with cross over. 
The vault had a crack but it did not appear to be too serious. Second floor to SE had good mullioned window, with 2 vertical and one horizontal divisions. Two other windows with central mullions. 
2 fireplaces, one on first floor on NW wall and one on second floor on SE wall. Both stone chimney pieces gone. 
Some nicely dressed stone and a few carved details. Access to the roof was by an iron ladder from second floor. Nicely reroofed circa 1972. 2 gables, wall walk, no crenelations. 
Two diagonally opposes bartizans and a double box machicolation over doorway. Some shot holes in bartizans.