Rahinnane/Rahinane Castle, Co. Kerry

Rahinnane/Rahinane Castle, Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, in August 1986.
Built by the Knights of Kerry, it is an interesting 2 storyed structure, with a vault over the first floor. It has mural stairs on the south and north walls in the haunches of the vault.
In 1986, we noted that the National Monument that it is, had been repointed. Remains of arcading on the second floor. However, a large section of the castle was destroyed in the time of the Cromwellian wars.
Along with the foundations of other buildings, the castle stands in the centre of an impressive fosse, that is up to 20 feet deep in places.
On the south side of the fosse, remains of a souterrain were visible, but it was becoming silted up at that time.