Sandyford’s Court Castle, Co. Kilkenny

Sandyford’s Court Castle, a Cantwell castle, in County Kilkenny, in March 1986. 
My notes state that it was an interesting tower house, with access through private fields. A barrel vault over the first floor. Floors above, badly damaged. Straight mural stairs. Some nice stonework. 2 interesting murder holes, one over door and one midway upstairs. Deep narrow shafts. A shot hole covering the stairs at 2nd floor level. Evidence of high bawn/adjoining wall. Remains of machicoulis over door. Fireplace, but no chimney piece on 2nd floor. 
Once again, we suffered from running out of film, this was the last photo left on the roll. So it was the only photo taken. We don’t know how lucky we are these days!