Esker/Doon Castle, Co. Offaly

Esker or Doon Castle, County Offaly, in August 1987. 
The proud owner is on the left hand side. The castle had been in the possession of his family for several centuries. The castle was vacated by the Mooney family around 1800-1808, when they moved into their home across the road. 
The castle is built on an esker. It is rectangular within a bawn, the original entrance/gatehouse to the East side of the bawn remains. In the NE corner of the bawn wall is a low arch (low down) possibly a hidden emergency exit. In the SE corner of the bawn is a shute, perhaps for animal effluent. According to tradition the animals were kept to the left as one entered and human habitation was on the right, some of these buildings were thatched. 
The tower house has quoins on 3 sides, missing on the SE. 
Straight mural stairs to begin with, it was believed that they then turned into a wooden spiral stairs (evidence of wooden spiral stairs are found elsewhere in Offaly). Two garderobes on the north side.
The east wall has a buttress on the door. 

I was going to preserve the “sheela’s” modesty, until I found she is well known. The name of this castle is self explanatory, given its location. About 2” deep, in relief. 
The castle is interesting in that it has remained in the hands of the one family who still retain the lock and key to its door. 
Tradition told of a chest of linen that existed in England which came out of the castle.