Ardmayle Castle, Co. Tipperary

Ardmayle Castle, County Tipperary, in August 1987. Not to be confused with the later nearby Ardmayle Castle. 
An unassuming little tower house from the exterior, with lots of interesting features. 
Entrance is on the north facade and an interesting one at that (I would like to go back an have another look). No guard room. A murder hole. Stairs to the right, which is unusual. Vault over first floor, with attic floor in between. 2 arched embrasures on the east wall. 
A shot hole covering the door on first landing in north corner. Straight mural stairs. A slop shute on first floor level just off the stairs. 
Numerous holes on either side of the stairs, possibly for bars to be inserted, to make access difficult. 
On the second floor, 3 steps up to the window embrasure on the south wall with two stone seats. 
Complicated layout plan at second floor level with prison chamber, in south corner, at entrance to mural garderobe passage. 
Fine large garderobe shute, a sign of wealth, I believe. 
Spiral stairs to wall walk turns into straight stairs to mural passage in haunch of vault on east side. Good slop shute over prison. Shot hole covering stairs from garderobe. 
Lattice work on ceiling very clear in the mural passage, another shot hole. 
All internal doors square headed. Slop shute at top of main stairs. 
Unexplained piles of stone in first floor windows. 
Lesson learnt: never underestimate a tower house by looking at its exterior. 
A historic location: 2 castles, fortified church and a motte.