Ballinard Castle, Co. Tipperary

Ballinard Castle, County Tipperary, in 1986. 
A very solid fifteenth century tower with a vault over the second floor and a fine spiral stairs. Two small later houses were attached to either side of it, along with a charming, compact, slate roofed yard and a small enclosed wall garden, which once had a collection of rare daffodils. 
The tower house roof was probably a Victorian slate one, the underneath was lime parged. Crenellations were missing on the upper walls, but the mural roof passages remained. Prison chamber in vault haunch. 

A tall and substantial tower house, with many small later additions. Along with the beautiful little walled garden, there was a duck pond and a large variety of outhouses (including ones for hens, goats and kennels). The photo of the roof clearly shows how it is at a lower pitch than the original. 
The bolt hole receiver on the top floor was one of the largest seen in my travels. 
The chimneys were, in most likelihood, a later addition. 
Does the yard reflect the line of an earlier bawn?
A fine tower, on good limestone land, with fabulous views of Slievenamon mountain and surrounding countryside.