Castle Coyne, Co. Tipperary

Castle Coyne, County Tipperary, in August 1986.
The stump of a castle was all that remained. There was a barrel vault over the ground floor. It was a rectangular building,12 strides long. Much of the mortar was missing from the vault, but it was a good example. Several shot holes were apparent. The walls were approximately 4 foot thick at ground level. The north wall was so covered in ivy that it was impossible to see any features.
There was evidence of a pond to the SE of the castle.
The National Library of Ireland holds a good ink drawing of the castle, by James Stark Fleming, circa 1890-1920. That sketch shows a single storey thatched house to the left and another thatched structure to the right. At that time the cut stone around the doorway appears to have been in situ.
On our visit there, we were told that it was associated with the Costigan family.