Farranrory Castle, Co. Tipperary

Farranrory Castle, County Tipperary, in August 1987.
Another cylindrical tower house, recorded in 1641 as “a good little castle with a good thatcht house and some cabins”. The original entrance was blocked. There was a dome over the first floor and a new entrance to the south. A murder hole over the original entrance and a superb cruciform shot hole covering the entrance. 
The yett was obviously well used, judging from the wear on the stonework from it being pulled up. Bolt holes across the entrance were also apparent. 
There was a garderobe on the first floor in a mural passage. A shot hole was reached from this location on the north wall, along with a slop chute. 
There was a small shot hole in the wall above the plaque. A second slop chute on the next floor. 
A stream nearby. 
Cruciform shot hole opposite the entrance and the blocked up doorway. The plaque above the door was illegible.