Grallagh Castle, Co. Tipperary

Grallagh Castle, County Tipperary, in May 1987. 
An Irish National Monument. Notes from that visit state: vault over ground floor, vault over second floor. Straight mural stairs. Third floor hall, window seats. From the third floor, stairs to small vaulted chamber over east wall with fireplace. Circular chimney serving the hall. Murder hole above entrance to third floor. Steps down to garderobe at entrance to third floor. Slop chutes opposite entrances to second and third floors. Fireplace first floor. Large murder holes from first floor to ground floor entrance. Shot holes. Garderobe on east wall first floor. Entrance on west wall. 
Bawn wall along road has many wide splayed shot holes at a low level. 
On east wall at ground level access to garderobe chute “chamber” through a small doorway.