Killahara Castle, Co. Tipperary

Killahara Castle, County Tipperary, in January 1988. 
Mislaid and misnamed at the back of my Tipperary file, only being posted now: my last Tipperary castle. 
Built within an enclosure, on an outcrop of limestone rock, giving it a dramatic entrance with the ground abruptly falling away into the quarry, out of which it rose, adding to its defensive features. 

A large tower house that had work done to it in the early twentieth century. 
A superb cruciform shot hole covering the front door. Large murder hole. Good door “spud” stone at entrance. Vault over second floor, spiral stairs. Fireplace on first floor. 
Some mural passages with ancillary rooms. Vault was dripping a lot that day, which made for a rather eerie experience. Some good interesting shot holes and round headed loops with a double one on the second floor. Garderobe chute on south wall.