Knockane Castle, Co. Tipperary

Knockane Castle, County Tipperary, in September 1987. 
A fine example of a gabled tower house, with a box machicolis covering the door and semi circular corner bartizans. 

My notes are as follows:
Tall gabled ended tower house, with numerous shot holes, some very deep ones through the thickness of the walls on the ground floor. A very restricted one covered the front door. Fireplace on second and fourth floors. Vault over third floor, garderobe passage in the haunch of the vault and a chamber on the other side. 
Box machicolis in gable over the door. Probably had a murder hole. Well defended. 
Prominent marks in shuttering over window embrasures and vault. The remains of shuttering were evident on the soffites of the door embrasures. Third floor door in corner of vault. 
Good eye and spud stones for internal doors. 
A unusual loop covered the front door on an internal wall. 
A chamber in the north wall at first floor level above the main entrance had an interesting log shuttered ceiling. Bolt hole for the first floor door operated from this chamber. 
Rendered on outside. Diagonally opposing bartizans. Two slop stones off stairs. 
Mullioned window on fourth floor and one on third floor. Very slight base batter, one chimney. Quoins rounded. Brilliant view. No ivy.