Loughlohery Castle, Co. Tipperary

Loughlohery Castle, County Tipperary, in June 1986. 
A gabled tower house with a vault over the first floor. On the second floor it had four interesting and unusual double pistol loops. 

Like Knockkelly and Knockgraffon in that it had a four gabled roof. 
It is of interest that cattle appear so often in these photographs, as the original owners of many of these castles kept their wealth in herds of cattle. 
My notes state that there was a fireplace partially inserted into the vault on the first floor. A murder hole over entrance door. Only half the door case remained. Good rain water chutes on east side over the entrance. Bartizans in NE and SW corners, the SW one being in better condition. 
Straight mural stairs in poor condition spiralled to the third floor (gone). Lots of shot holes and two pairs of particularly interesting double ones on the second floor. 
On the third floor there were two fireplaces in gable ends. One vault, no roof. Second floor fireplace circa seventeenth century. 
Mural passage above stairs at first floor level. Shot hole through to the stairs from the passage. 
Bolt hole at front door. Garderobe chute SW corner on south side.