Clougheast Castle, Co. Wexford

Clougheast Castle, County Wexford, in December 1986.
Three stories over a barrel vault. Straight steep mural stairs. Interesting crenellations in good condition. Two fireplaces, lots of embrasures and window recesses. Walk walk, gable end.

One window with a central mullion. SE corner on south wall, a chute to secret chamber in the haunch of the vault.
Garderobe on second floor, west wall.
Dovecot in attic gable on top floor. Wall walk goes right around gable.
Vault over first floor. Murder hole from mural passage on first floor.
Outer front door (north wall) guillotine.
Later two storey extension to north is built onto walls of a much earlier extension.
Bawn with later buildings still being used for store cattle and silage.
Foundations of tower clearly visible. No finely cut stone.