Rahealty Castle, Co. Tipperary

Rahealty Castle, County Tipperary, in May 1987. 
In ruins, according to the OSI map, circa 1840. 
A fine tower, with rounded corners, built inside what was probably a ring fort. 
Vault over ground floor, no guard room. Machioculis. Deep embrasures to loops north and south at more than 5 foot from ground level. Unusual and rectangular. 
First floor has fireplace. Aumbries with very good slop chute beside it in embrasure on first floor. Murder hole accessed from first floor. Mural passage to garderobe which had a very small aumbry beside it (for toilet roll?!). Spiral stairs off entrance to second floor. Then 5 steps below third floor to mural passage above the one to the garderobe. 
Three defence “posts”, numerous loops and the fourth corner led to wall walk. No evidence of shot holes. 
Prison chamber in haunches of top vault with access from top floor. 
Garderobe chute on west wall. Overlooking graveyard, near Rahealty Church. 
Two fields away, a farmyard with interesting old buildings, including a tower like structure and another structure which was in the process of being demolished. 
On a hill, a good vantage point.